Folks in Europe want to be forgotten or as the European Union calls it the “Right to be forgotten” (RTBF).

Wow! What will they come up with next? The “right to be naked in public”!

Come on! These people want to have their names removed from internet-based searches. Unless one has been living under a rock, this seems nearly impossible in today’s world. Search engines, such as Google, allows one to find whatever they want from the recipe to make cookies or the recipe to make a pipe bomb.

Scary? Absolutely. Yet, that is what one can look up.

And these people think that they can be “deleted” from a search because they want to? It does not seem realistic.

The only way this seems possible is to either change your identity or move to a deserted island with no technological attachments to the rest of the world.

Just don’t forget the sun screen.

Not to sound cliché but this picture that I saw online is “worth a thousand words” or more.


At first, it appears that someone had gutted out an iPhone. However, if you look closely enough there are guard towers, prisoners in the yard and the windows to their cells.

This photo seems like a good metaphor for what had happened to our society…

We have become slaves to technology.

Sure, having our smart phones and other gadgets are great but at what price? We are constantly bombarded by information and news which for the most part really does nothing for us except makes us depresses or paranoid.

Who needs drugs? We have allowed tech to take over our lives. Like a drug, it provides us with a good high but when the high wears off we need more of the drug to bring us up.

I guess one can say that we are all addicts. What any addict knows that they create a prison of their own with their addiction. Blocking out the rest of the world, just them and their drug. Nothing else.

So, we have all created our own prisons.

Seems like George Zimmerman has gotten himself in trouble again. This time threatening to kill another person at a traffic stop.

Seriously, this nitwit gets away with murder and now he feels that he can get away with anything. This guy is an example of someone who should not own a firearm.

I believe that responsible people should be allowed to bear arms. The keyword here is “responsible”. Something Zimmerman is not.

What I find amazing is that he has other brushes with the law where the alleged victims refused to press charges. Now, that is pathetic. What this does is allow Zimmerman to feel more empowered and that he is above the law.

Tithe sad thing is that someone is probably going to get hurt before something is done.

I just read a blog post about having to violate company conduct policy. The violation refersvto watching pornography at work. As anyone knows, this is a violation at any company.

But, what if your job is to create security filters on the company website which may force you to see some porn? So, your job in this case is to do something that violates company policy.

Talk about having one’s back against the wall.

Yesterday, I saw a side of my wife that I did not know before. One would think that after almost ten years of marriage you would know your partner. Then again…

To begin with I have always been a fan of spicy food. I like spreading crushed red peppers on my pasta. Nachos are just not the same without jalapeños. Sri Racha sauce in noodles is the bomb.

Well, you get the idea: I love spice.

Getting back to my wife, she was in Whole Foods seeking out Dragon Fruit (talk about irony). It was during her journey through the produce section when she found these:


She thought of me immediately. After leaving the store she called me.

“Baby, I have a treat for you.”

I was thinking of something sweet like cookies. Boy, would I be wrong on this assumption. I asked what it was and she only told me that it was a surprise.

So, upon arriving at home there was a bowl of bismanti rice with a little red hue to it.

“Is this my treat?”

My wife nodded her amusement. I proceeded to take mouthful of the rice. It had a little bite to it. Pretty good. Then that “little bit
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“You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”
– Robin Williams

That is definitely a quote to give someone cause. Robin Williams tragic passing has revealed many of the good and dark qualities of this comedic genius. If you have not had the opportunity to check out any of his stand-up routines, I would highly recommend it.

Asides from being a gifted actor and performer, he had some interesting insights. The quote about “madness” above stuck out for me the most.

To be anything in this world, does it not require a certain amount of madness? Let’s face it, with the world the way that it is now, a little madness may serve one well. I am not talking about doing anything violent, harmful, or destructive.

No, I am talking about doing something outside of one’s comfort zone. We all get stuck in the same rigor morale of the day. Everybody does the same thing day-in and day-out. Life loses in joy and excitement.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

What is the point of living if there is no joy in it? Our lives become so mundane and predictable that we become like robots in an auto factory performing the same function over and over and over.

Is this living?

Hell, no!!!

So, what does one call this spark of creativity or excitement that breaks us out of this continuous cycle? It comes from thinking differently and changing ones’ perspective. It is doing, feeling, thinking something new. It is a feeling of exuberance, new energy or “Madness”.

Throughout history, people have looked upon others who think or act differently as being mad. The question is: “what are these people afraid of?” Is it fear that keeps us from being who we truly should be?

Now, that is not “madness”, that is just sad.

Then it would appear that we should tap into our inner “madness” to become who we truly should be. Here is a new math equation:

Madness = Happiness

Thanks, Robin Williams for such a great insight. Now, I will play with “madness”.

Thursday night’s preseason NFL game between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers displayed a new trend in advertising…

The onfield ad!!!

That’s right, as if NFL fans were not already bombarded with terrible ads during game broadcasts, it is about to get worse. The ads were displayed on the field in the Red Zone (area between the 20 yard line and end zone). The ads were for a local Toyota dealership and will only be shown during the preseason.

Still, this could be a harbinger of things to come. Ads, ads, everywhere. So, get your visene ready sports fans because here come the ads…

Red Zone ad