This year’s game marks the last time that we will see Derek Jeter in the mid-summer classic. Jeter has given us many great moments throughout his career. He has gone 2 for 2 in his two at-bats. I know that I will miss him. He was a sure handed shortstop, heck Jeter has the gold gloves and five World Series rings to show.

Thanks for the memories Number 2.

Many people have thrown aside the All-Star Game. They think that baseball is on its last legs. Well, I do not think so. Baseball is America’s past time and will always hold that distinction.

Many people argue that the game is too slow and boring. Well, baseball requires one to pay attention. The game itself reflects life.

Life does not always move at light speed. Life is stop and go. It is hit and miss. Life is filled with thrills like hitting a grand slam and disappointments like the ball going between the legs (sorry Bill Buckner). These are among the many aspects that make baseball such a great game.

The All-Star Game marks the halfway point of the season with a few weeks before the trading deadline. It is during the second half of the season where many teams soar while others decline. This is where it gets exciting. It is a drama that repeats itself every summer going into fall.

And lest we not forget the Fall Classic which is the World Series. But that is a post for another time.

So, play ball!!!

There are many reasons to not like social media. Sure, it has brought us all closer together and allows us to connect with others that we may never have met before. Social media allows us to stay on top of events in the world in general.

Yet, there are things that social media is not good for chief amongst this is just plain too much information. People seem to give up too much of themselves online. It has gotten to the point where anything that you say or do online can be used against you.

Recently, I was speaking with a career counselor from my alma mater and the first thing that he asked me was:

“Do you have a LinkedIn account?”

I answered in the affirmative and then a moment later he went online and found my account. He said my profile looked pretty good, by the way. Anyhow, this is just another example of how others can look you up online at any time. So, those of you posting random attacks, posting lewd pictures, and dirty jokes beware.

Someone is watching you.

I harken back to the days before computers became such an integral part of our lives. My friends and I would go outside to play baseball or basketball.

Outside. What a concept?

Today, we are all mired behind our computers checking out Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media platform that consumes us.

Here’s an idea: walk away from your computer!

Leave it for a little while anyway. Go outside. Reacquaint yourself with the sunshine and trees. They are still there and would probably enjoy your company.

Social media does have its place and is a great tool when it is used properly. But we should not let it dominate our lives. There is a whole world out there to see with our own eyes and not filtered through a computer screen.

So, who is ready for a beach trip?

A Single Thought

Posted: June 21, 2014 in My Opinion

Lee Durocher:

What you think does have an impact on future thoughts. Think bad and one will have a succession of negative thoughts. Think positive and life will be more uplifting. It is all a matter of perception.

Originally posted on The Mirror Obscura:

A Single Thought

There are many improbabilities in life
Which does not account also for the impossibilities
That could be listed longer than A to Z.
Some are so simple, even basic as to cause surprise
To only think how easy they are to prove
As being wrong yet wrong I would be.

Let us entertain the ‘single thought. Already
I have lost its train because it can’t be done.
It is not so easy as being single minded
In which obsession does all the work.
But having any thought at all impregnates the mind
And gestation takes its course producing offspring
That mature and grow into other thoughts
And so the mind does not work so mysteriously
It feeds itself endlessly unless you are one of those
Who happen not to have a single thought
Anytime in your head.

The upside of this conundrum is that from
A single…

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Electric tentacles
Tech has invaded every part of our lives. Whatever happened to those halcyon days before tech and computers in particular?

This is not to say that all things tech are bad, hardly. Modern technology has helped to streamline tasks that would have taken significant time in the past. In general, technology is great.

It stops being great when one allows it to overtake their lives. Just look at people who are glued to their smart phones and pads, not to mention their Xboxes and Playstations.

We have become so enamored with our gadgets that we forget about the world around us. Nature is forgotten. The beauty of a morning sunrise is ignored. The blue skies are also forgotten.

The trend has become that humanity overlooks the damage it has caused our Earth. The pollution. The toxic emissions. The destruction of forests in the name of progress. These actions will come back to bite humanity in the ass.

Let’s face it, the Earth existed thousands of years before the first humans and will most likely outlive us as well.

We need to start paying attention and caring again. Humans need to put aside their technological distractions and appreciate the natural beauty that is around them.

Staring into a television or computer screen will not do this. We need to get out there and experience it for ourselves. Let’s be that change to make our world a better place.

Just when you thought that things could not get more bizarre for athletes this comes out. Phil Mickelson is under investigation by the Feds for insider trading. This really stinks since Phil has always gave off the impression of being one of the “good guys” in sports.

Yet, his name is being dragged around for possible insider trading. Let’s be clear that this all preliminary at the moment but still one hates see someone who has done a lot of good things have their name mentioned in a felony.

Phil has been a role model for many and hopefully this does not sully the public’s perception of him (at least I hope not).

Lee Durocher:

Einstein was the man on so many levels. The Double Slit experiment is quite an eye opener. Is “reality” really “reality” or a figment of the imagination? Makes one think.

Originally posted on Seven Spheres:

Einstein concluded that the past, future and present all exist simultaneously in non-linear time. Non-linear time is a consequence of his relativity theories and more importantly the notion that time does not exist at light speed, and so a photon is, in a sense everywhere in the Universe simultaneously.

Linear/ Non-Linear Time

Linear time is that which we experience where the relative processes going on around us seem to have different and various rates one to another by comparison. Quite often we use fundamental cycles to measure and compare these processes and say they are occurring at different rates in time.

In non-linear time everything that ever was, is or ever will be exists simultaneously, and so Einstein concluded that time seperation is not real and that the past, present and future exist all at once.

For example, a photon cannot be emitted randomly, that is to say, a…

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Memorial Day

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Today is the day that we remember our fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for the great country of ours. It is on this day that we need to say “Thank you”.

God bless America.Image