“God hates you because Jesus told me so”

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Opinion

I just saw a post from CNN (http://wp.me/p4HKM-Aam) about that wacko religious group Westboro Baptist Church and how they are going to hold a protest at Elizabeth Edwards funeral! This is one for the “you have got to be sh****ng me!”category.

First of all it is extremely disrespectful to hold a protest at anyone’s funeral. How about showing some respect for the family of the departed.

If you have umbrage with some group take it to the web or someone other type of media not a funeral…

Well, wait a tick, that would require some thought and the ability to read and write, something which these nitwits do not seem to be able to do. If these people could think then they would show some respect. First of all, if one were to think logically (which these people do not) they would understand the hurt they are causing. Especially, someone like Elizabeth Edwards who endured enough humiliation because of her husband’s infidelity. Edwards stayed strong throughout this ordeal in addition to bravely fighting the cancer which would take her life.

Another thing about this Westboro Baptist group is how they believe that they are doing God’s work. Well, I have a few questions for the “reverend” of this group.

How did God convey his message to you?

Did Jesus tell you to hate gays and others?

What about the Bible teaching “love thy neighbor as thyself”?

If the “good reverend” were a man of God then he would take the Bible’s message to be one of tolerance and love, not of hate. This Westboro group just reminds one of how religion has torn nations apart and led to the vast majority of the wars fought throughout human history.

And one wonders why the number of atheists is growing and church pews are emptying. Crackpots like the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church and others of the same ilk are leading religion straight to hell with their crooked and hateful messages.

Did I just say “hell” in my last remark? Yes, I did and so what of it because this is exactly what this group is doing sending religion, Christianity in particular, to the place that it dreads the most. That is okay because seeing how the reverend of this group is him and Satan should get along just fine.


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