Ridiculous, could have been avoided

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Op-Ed
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There was an article in The Boston Globe today about a 21 year-old kid who killed two passengers in his car while he DUI. This is a tragedy since the two victims were both high school students.

What makes this maddening is that this was not the first time this guy had been charged with drunk driving. So, any logical person would think that his license would be revoked. But in Massachusetts you can get your license back if you take a class on safe driving and pass a test. Come on now!

The article made this person out to be the victim. Newsflash: he was not! His irresponsible behavior resulted in death.

There was a large turn out at his hearing of his friends and family. It is important to have as much support in a situation as this as possible. However, do not make excuses for bad behavior which one his relatives did by stating that the suspect “must have been coerced” into driving.


What if were a gun? What if were a needle?

When will people take responsibility? This country has turned into a place of victims. No matter how irresponsible one is, they are still a victim.

Well what about those two young ladies who perished? They are the real victims here not someone who showed extremely poor judgement in their actions.

That is why this whole incident was ridiculous and could have been avoided.


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