40+ Hours per week seems pointless

Posted: March 29, 2012 in My Opinion

We all want to get ahead somehow, some way. Whether it is to get ahead career-wise or just to keep up with the bills, many of us need to work extra hours on the job or even take on a second job. The one thing that these require is time. More time to be away from family, hobbies or social time. The one thing that we can never get back is time. The big question now is: is it worth it?

Americans tend to be the most overworked and unhappiest people in the world. We do not get enough time to rest whether it is vacation time or just enough for a good night’s sleep. There is nothing wrong with a strong work ethic, if anything this has contributed to the greatness of this country. Yet, we can only work to the limits of our bodies.

Knowing this first hand from working more than one job at a time, your body gets tired. A tired body leads to a tired mind and when the mind starts to go forget it. If anything all of this equals a negative return on investment physically and spiritually. The mind and body need to rest, therefore leading to a more productive life.

Sometimes it is necessary to work more time for extra bucks. Yet, if this leads to more aggravation than financial reward then you need to ask yourself: is it worth?


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