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Seems like health care spending is trending down according to a New York Times article. Experts quoted in the article do not seem to agree whether  this is a result of the recession or that people are not seeking out treatment like they did before. As usual, this seems to be a case of whom you want to believe or not. High deductible plans are sure to keep many from going to the hospital, so this feeds into the result of this being due to the recession. Let’s face it, people just do not have the money to spend, so if they can put off going to the doctor they most certainly will.

It seems that personal health has been affected as well as wealth. Funny how money can affect people beyond their pockets.


EASTER SUNDAY – call me “a follower of Jesus”.

This is a great post about people who call themselves “Christians” yet they display behavior which is totally opposite of what Jesus taught. Medearis hits it on the head when he cites people of other faiths (i.e. Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist) of acting more Christian than self-professed Christians.

It would be curious to find out what Jesus himself would think of such crackpots. Do these people follow The Bible passage which states “Do unto others, as you would have done unto you”?

My guess would be probably not.

Happy Easter!!!

The Principles of Miracles

Posted: April 7, 2012 in My Opinion

The Principles of Miracles.

An excellent post on the power of faith and miracles. Love is the most powerful force out there and brings one closer to their creator.

God is love.

Looks like the meltdown of Tiger Woods continues. On the 16 hole yesterday at The Masters, his tee shot landed in the bunker not where he wanted it to be. In disgust, he threw his club to the ground and kicked it out to tee area.

What is up with that?

I thought this was professional golf, not some weekend hack throwing around the starter-club set that he bought at Wal-Mart. Golf fans expect a certain type of conduct from the pros. Sure, even the pros will shank a few shots and may curse or show a facial expression. But not throwing your clubs!

This does not set the right example for youngsters who are learning the game need someone to look up to. Yes, Tiger Woods has been anointed “The Chosen One” in golf and as such he should show some good behavior on the course. When you are the face of your sport, you should take pride in maintaining the good name of the game and not let your ego get the best of you.

Yes, Tiger has had a rough last couple of years but he should not throw fits on the course in front of a national audience.

A TSA agent is facing charges for tossing a cup of hot coffee at an airline pilot. This was in response to the pilot requesting that the TSA agent act more professionally and stop using curse words, including the N-word. The TSA agent told the pilot to mind his business and then proceeded to toss her coffee at the pilot. Now, this agent is facing misdemeanor charges (and probably losing her job as well).

Like many other people who have traveled by plane, we know the inconvenience of taking your shoes off and be searched by a TSA agent. To me, many were rude and ignorant. So, it was nice to hear that someone else had told them to knock it off and act professional. It is unfortunate that this pilot ended up wearing a coffee in the process. Hopefully, this will be a lesson to the TSA to do better training of their employees and provide them with sensitivity and conduct training.

Flying these days is inconvenient enough, the last thing that passengers want to deal with is a classless TSA agent.