TSA agent in hot water (or coffee)

Posted: April 6, 2012 in My Opinion
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A TSA agent is facing charges for tossing a cup of hot coffee at an airline pilot. This was in response to the pilot requesting that the TSA agent act more professionally and stop using curse words, including the N-word. The TSA agent told the pilot to mind his business and then proceeded to toss her coffee at the pilot. Now, this agent is facing misdemeanor charges (and probably losing her job as well).

Like many other people who have traveled by plane, we know the inconvenience of taking your shoes off and be searched by a TSA agent. To me, many were rude and ignorant. So, it was nice to hear that someone else had told them to knock it off and act professional. It is unfortunate that this pilot ended up wearing a coffee in the process. Hopefully, this will be a lesson to the TSA to do better training of their employees and provide them with sensitivity and conduct training.

Flying these days is inconvenient enough, the last thing that passengers want to deal with is a classless TSA agent.



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