A Tiger-sized Tantrum

Posted: April 7, 2012 in My Opinion
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Looks like the meltdown of Tiger Woods continues. On the 16 hole yesterday at The Masters, his tee shot landed in the bunker not where he wanted it to be. In disgust, he threw his club to the ground and kicked it out to tee area.

What is up with that?

I thought this was professional golf, not some weekend hack throwing around the starter-club set that he bought at Wal-Mart. Golf fans expect a certain type of conduct from the pros. Sure, even the pros will shank a few shots and may curse or show a facial expression. But not throwing your clubs!

This does not set the right example for youngsters who are learning the game need someone to look up to. Yes, Tiger Woods has been anointed “The Chosen One” in golf and as such he should show some good behavior on the course. When you are the face of your sport, you should take pride in maintaining the good name of the game and not let your ego get the best of you.

Yes, Tiger has had a rough last couple of years but he should not throw fits on the course in front of a national audience.

  1. Ron Celano says:

    It is obvious that Tiger does not and never has respected the game or the people around him. Maybe someday he will wake up and realize that golf is bigger than he will ever be.

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