What some people will say to get ahead

Posted: May 26, 2012 in My Opinion
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It seems that Massachusetts Democratic U.S. Senate nominee, Elizabeth Warren’s claim of Native American heritage is starting to unravel. Let’s check out the facts. She admits to being 1/32 Native American. 1/32? Sounds pretty diluted to most observers, so what is the other 31/32? Also, she has probably never spent a day on an Indian reservation or participated in any sort of function. Yet, Warren claims Native American heritage at every chance she gets. The campaign of incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown, has accused her of using this claim for unfair advantage.

Though it may be speculation the senator’s campaign, the idea of this can not be set aside. Many people have made certain claims to get ahead, we are all human and not perfect. But if one is going to represent us and make decisions critical to our nation’s future, you would think that they would be more honest and open about themselves.

Hey, what am I thinking? An honest politician in Washington, DC? I know I am a dreamer but keep getting smacked in the face with reality of politics where honesty and character are traits which do not seem to exist anymore.


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