Time keeps on ticking

Posted: May 28, 2012 in My Opinion
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Recently, I have been finding myself pondering about some of life’s bigger questions. Yes, this sounds cliche but it is true. The biggest realization that I came to was the value of time.

Time can not be made up for. When one thinks about the phrase make every second count it should light a bulb in their head. Because once that second it gone, it is gone forever. This is pretty heavy stuff especially if you have a lot to plan for and are running a regimented sort of life. Making every second count can be stressful but more importantly you want to make it worth something.

Yet, many of us get up in worrying about the past/present/future paradigm. Why? Thinking about one’s past, especially if it is a bad one, can bring on depression. The future is a mystery because it has not happened yet! However, so many of us stress over what want to be doing. This can be both stressful and depressing.

This leaves us one state… the present.

Some may frown upon the present moment but if one thinks about it, the present is all that we have. We can waste the present moment lamenting about the past and worrying about the future. Since time keeps on ticking the present moment wastes away. Why would one want to live like this.

We need to make the most of our present moment. Living in the moment is so liberating if one can put the whole concept of time in its proper perspective.

Live for the moment since it is all that you have. If you start to live in the moment then everything else will start to fall in to place.


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