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Yahoo! just fired its DC Bureau Chief for making a stupid, racist and insensitive remark about Mitt Romney and the Republican Party in general. The quip was caught during Yahoo!’s coverage of the Republican National Convention.

How stupid is this guy? Whatever happened to objective journalism? Seems like when it comes to a conservative point of view objectivity is toast.

The remark was not only stupid but unfair to Gov. Romney. It painted him as being an insensitive lout and not caring of his fellow Americans. It seems that anybody with half a brain out there would see that it is the Left which has been dabbling in race baiting.

Is this the only way that they can hope to win the election? Liberals have lost so much credibility in recent years because their policies just do not work.

Forgive me for digressing. Yahoo! did the right thing by firing this pinhead and offering an apology to the GOP. It is the right thing to do.


New York judge ruled that poker is a game of skill and not chance. Imagine that! So, I guess Uncle Joe was not cheating at all of those family poker nights. Sorry, Uncle Geraldo, seems Uncle Joe was better at reading the cards.

This will make a lot of poker junkies happy. They can now say that they have a skill and are not just lucky.

Though this ruling will not prevent some states from banning “legal” poker all together, it does give Texas Hold ’em players something to brag about at the bar.

“I am an accomplished Texas Hold ’em player, it’s not just a game but a skill, a judge in New York said so.”

Imagine the looks such a remark would garner.

So, it will not be a matter of the cards one is dealt but how to manipulate the ones that you have. Now, that is a skill. Could also be a metaphor for life in general. Time to double down!

Now the looney tunes are really coming out this election cycle. In Missouri, Republican Senate hopeful, Todd Akin, stated that a “legitimate rape” rarely results in pregnancy. Is this guy serious?

It is one thing to be pro-life in the right to life debate, but do not make such a ridiculous assessment of whether a woman being raped is legitimate or not. Seriously, are there really people out there who do this?

Well according to Akin, there are doctors who make this judgement call. Quite frankly, I find this assessment to be far-fetched as well. Akin wants to represent the people of his state in the United States Senate. So if you want to be take seriously you should not make any evaluations of rape.

I can not imagine anything as being more horrible than being raped. Victims of this horrible crime seem to be scarred for life and experience major trust issues. So, Mr. Akin has give his opponent another weapon to add to their arsenal in this particular Senate race. How can he even face women voters after such a ridiculous statement?

Either, Mr. Akin is either over-the-top pro-life or just plain stupid. My money is on the latter.

Is Dave Mustaine of Megadeth doing drugs again? One wonders after the remarks he made at a Megadeth concert in Singapore.

He accused President Barack Obama of staging recent gun travesties in order to impose stricter gun laws. The most disturbing incident being the Sikh temple massacre in Wisconsin perpetrated by a white supremacist.

It is one thing to not like a sitting president and their policies. But to accuse him of orchestrating such hateful violence?

Makes perfect sense: an African-American hiring a white supremacist to kill South Asians. NOT!!!

Mustaine’s conspiracy theory has garnered a lot of attention which has probably helped with record sales for his band.

It is interesting that he chose a foreign country to make his rant. Why? Too afraid to speak your mind on American soil?

This post is not an endorsement of Barack Obama or more gun control. It is just pointing out the odd ranting of a musician.

Celebrities are the last people one should listen to for political advice. Do you really care who Kim Kardashian or George Clooney votes for president?

I certainly do not!

Mustaine deserves credit for describing Sikh people for being “beautiful” since they are. Other than that, just tune out the rest of what he said.

It has been a while since Sergio won his last major, would be nice to see.

Liberals seem to lack focus and substance to their message. Conservatives, on the other hand, seem to be on a mission and have the literary ammunition to back it up. Some of the most notable Conservative thinkers, i.e. Rand, Hayek, and Goldwater, have put forth tomes on what they believe can fix America and how a free market economy is a much better model than a socialized one.

Liberals can not point to any great thinkers for inspiration. Which leads to the question as to what drives them? Is putting the government in charge of everything the best option? Does socialism really work?

If the government is going to provide one with everything then what is the point of working hard? It is frustrating when one works so hard and seeing those perfectly capable of working collecting a government check for doing nothing.

I do not believe that this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind. If Liberals can provide the names or evidence otherwise, I am willing to listen. In the mean time may check out Atlas Shrugged.