Posted: August 4, 2012 in My Opinion
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In recent days, I have been realizing how I forgot who I was. The way I dressed to the music I listened to and how I felt about myself.

Music has been the biggest progenitor of this. Having spent a lot of time on YouTube, I have been seeking out videos/music that I listened to back in the day.

Listening to this music made my heart jump for joy. Evoking feelings that I have not felt in years. The fun and good times back then.

What is stopping me from feeling this way now?

The funny part is that there is no reason. Everyone should feel good in their soul.

Life does get in the way. Work, family, drama can all contribute to our forgetting about those things which brought us our joy. People tend to become addicted to their “story”.

The hardest part is letting go of those things which hurt you and move on. Believe me, nobody understands this better than me. The best thing to do is to learn and grow from these situations.

Once you have done this, your heart will sing along with the songs which brought you so much joy.


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