“Legitmate Rape”???

Posted: August 19, 2012 in My Opinion
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Now the looney tunes are really coming out this election cycle. In Missouri, Republican Senate hopeful, Todd Akin, stated that a “legitimate rape” rarely results in pregnancy. Is this guy serious?

It is one thing to be pro-life in the right to life debate, but do not make such a ridiculous assessment of whether a woman being raped is legitimate or not. Seriously, are there really people out there who do this?

Well according to Akin, there are doctors who make this judgement call. Quite frankly, I find this assessment to be far-fetched as well. Akin wants to represent the people of his state in the United States Senate. So if you want to be take seriously you should not make any evaluations of rape.

I can not imagine anything as being more horrible than being raped. Victims of this horrible crime seem to be scarred for life and experience major trust issues. So, Mr. Akin has give his opponent another weapon to add to their arsenal in this particular Senate race. How can he even face women voters after such a ridiculous statement?

Either, Mr. Akin is either over-the-top pro-life or just plain stupid. My money is on the latter.


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