It’s in the cards…

Posted: August 23, 2012 in My Opinion
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New York judge ruled that poker is a game of skill and not chance. Imagine that! So, I guess Uncle Joe was not cheating at all of those family poker nights. Sorry, Uncle Geraldo, seems Uncle Joe was better at reading the cards.

This will make a lot of poker junkies happy. They can now say that they have a skill and are not just lucky.

Though this ruling will not prevent some states from banning “legal” poker all together, it does give Texas Hold ’em players something to brag about at the bar.

“I am an accomplished Texas Hold ’em player, it’s not just a game but a skill, a judge in New York said so.”

Imagine the looks such a remark would garner.

So, it will not be a matter of the cards one is dealt but how to manipulate the ones that you have. Now, that is a skill. Could also be a metaphor for life in general. Time to double down!


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