Shopping with my wife

Posted: October 13, 2012 in My Opinion

Well, today, I am doing the good husband routine accompanying my wife to go clothes shopping.

Yes, I am sure that there are a lot of guys who would accuse me of having handed in my “man card”. To those guys I say…

You have probably never been married. And those married guys who say that they never done something unmanly with their wives are lying. We have all been there.

The main observation that I have made through our marital mall journey is how skewed the stores are towards women. Like Nordstrom or Aero Postale the layout is 80% ladies, 20% guys.

So, ladies next time you wonder why hubby rolls his eyes about going shopping there is your answer.

There is nothing there for us guys!!!

All I can say is thank God for Uno’s.


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