Spring Training

Posted: February 5, 2013 in My Opinion
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It is only seven days until the beginning of Spring Training and it can not come soon enough. Baseball is America’s game despite what others may say. No sport has held Americans interest for as long as the great game of baseball. The game is like life: sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always full of surprises.

What other sport can someone watch and maintain a conversation at the same time. There are streaks both good and bad. Just like life, we all experience ups and downs.

It is around this time each year, that I look forward to the most. When pitchers and catchers report, you know that Summer is right around the corner. Take me out to the ball game!!!

  1. fatherkane says:

    Oh I love Spring Training too! It’s the time of year our teams get to put in practice what we were preaching last Fall – ‘There’s always next year!’
    Sadly as a Seattle Mariners fan, Spring Training has to come to an end and the Regular Season gets here in April.
    So from the love of Spring Training to the dispair of the Regular Season and another losing season.
    But by Fall we will once agin be shouting ‘There’s always next year’.
    The cycle of life.

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