Life is like baseball

Posted: April 13, 2013 in My Opinion
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All winter long I have been looking forward to the baseball season. Baseball is the sport that I enjoy the most. It is America’s past time. No other game imitates life like baseball does. The game has its ups and downs, streaks and slumps, grand slams and occasional triple plays (not very often but it does). Games can be short or long just like life can seem to be at times.

We have all had good and bad times in our lives. We have had streaks of good luck and times when we wonder if anything will ever go right (slumps).


The most important thing is how we deal with these situations. Do you hang your head in defeat when you do not achieve your goals? Or do you get up dust yourself off and step back into the batter’s box of life to take another swing.

Like anything else the easiest thing to do is nothing like taking a pitch. Or work hard and take a swing hoping to drive one out of the park.

This is how to play the game of life and succeed. Get up there and take your swings.

Batter up!!!


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