A whole new world

Posted: April 27, 2013 in My Opinion
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Thus far in this blog, I have been making note of things that have been occurring in the world. Many of them making note of some of the more ridiculous events. Yet, these are all distractions. Many of us forget the more important things in life.

We tend to forget about the importance of family and friends. Forgetting also about the importance of building relationships and caring for one another.

Our society has become misogynist. We celebrate the bad fortune of others while celebrating the deplorable behavior of celebrities. How did society get this messed up?

Perhaps, it has always been this way.

We do not need to tolerate any of this. Everybody can create a whole new world by changing their ways of thinking. Too much negativity has never been a good thing.

It is only when we appreciate the simpler things in life that we may start to understand peace.

When was the last time you have walked in the forest and stop to listen to the sound of the wind blowing through the trees? When was the last time you really took everything in and just let it be?

It is though understanding nature and changing our ways of thinking that we can finally create a new world. Let go of the things which stress us and focus on those that bring us inner peace.

Sure, this sounds easier than done but the feeling one gets is liberating. Inner peace is what many of us need to do because if one is not comfortable with them self then there is little hope that one will know inner peace.


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