Wasted time

Posted: May 12, 2013 in My Opinion
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It is amazing how much time people now waste on social media. Yes, sure we all want to keep up with family, friends, and the events of the world. But the question is at what cost?

We become distracted by what is going on in other peoples lives and forget about our own. There are those that follow the latest Tweets about their favorite celebrities but do not pay attention to their own lives.

Social media causes distraction and keeps folks from paying attention to what they are doing at that moment.

People are glued their computers or smart phones trying to keep up with everything that is going on in the world. Yet, why do they not go out and speak to another person fae-to-face?

I can recall a time when computers did not dominate the landscape never mind Facebook or Twitter. It was a simpler time compared to now. A time when people would actually go out and meet each other of pick up the telephone for a live conversation.

There was no texting or tweeting.

This causes a vacuum where people spend so much time on their devices and not with others. It is as if computers/smart phones have become the new drug of choice.

Could “Brave New World” be far behind?


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