Day time television

Posted: July 26, 2013 in My Opinion
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It amazes me just how awful television has become. Or has it been like this for some time? To be honest I am not really sure since I work during the day and when I get home at night am not really interested in watching anything (except if there is a baseball or hockey game on).

My wife is having day surgery and I am sitting in the Waiting Room of the hospital. The television here is tuned to “Days of Our Lives”.

Yes, that “Days of Our Lives”, the long running and never ending “day time drama” that has no ending in sight. Pretty, rich people who stress over nothing. At least that is how the writers of the show seem to want people to believe.

Let’s face it, most viewers are stay-at-home moms or unemployed people who have nothing better to do. So, they get hooked on this prefabricated crap.

Seriously, does one really think that the “problems” that these people have happen in real life?

Think about it. Or better yet… don’t think about it.

We live in the real world. It has been said that are imitates life. If a soap opera imitates “real” life, then we really are screwed.


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