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Sunday Picks – The Pre Season

Posted: August 18, 2013 in My Opinion

I am curious to know how the map was divided up to areas where the NFL teams are most popular. Seems like a Denver fan might have put this together, since the Broncos take up the largest chunk of the map. While the Super Bowl Champions, Baltimore Ravens, have one of the smallest. Talk about small market teams!

The Last Of The Millenniums


First of all the only sport I actually watch and
enjoy is Golf.

Football I’ll end up watching maybe 2 games total
time all year.

When a ‘sport’ has a opening kickoff and then goes
to commercial break……Yeah. Speed it up. That
and when the police blotter has the latest update
on your favorite player….it’s time to stop

So why do I do Sunday Picks.

It’s a challenging diversion.

My goal every year is to get to 66% or better.

Last year?
Regular season
Total 154 – 100
So for the year = 60%
Crapy year.

So this years Preseason Picks :

NFC East I like the Giants with Philly and Vick making a good challenge.

NFC North – Green Bay.

NFC South – New Orleans.

NFC West – Seattle and San Fran fighting it out with Seattle coming out on top.

NFC Champ – Seattle but…

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This video just blew me away. There are truly needy people out there. Those who are struggling with these tough economic times. It is so bad that many are applying for food stamps in record numbers because they do not bring enough home to support their families.

Imagine struggling to pay the bills in addition to stressing over how to feed your family. This is the reality of so many out there. These are the people who should be helped.

Not the guy that’s featured in the video

Aside from being a beach bum, this guy seems perfectly capable of working but chooses not to. He even attended college for a time but he gave this all up to be a rock star. Perhaps he smoked too much weed while listening to Motley Crue or he is just plain lazy.

He was shown walking through the supermarket purchasing seafood with his EBT card!!!

EBT lobster anybody?

And the saddest part about it is that he feels no shame in what he is doing. This just turns my stomach seeing someone like this milk the system and cheating someone who really needs the help.

It seems that the government needs to do a better job of screening people like this. Then again this is just another trend of more and more people becoming dependent upon the government. If things do not change then the entire country will be on welfare.

Who will pay the bill then?

The world…

Posted: August 8, 2013 in My Opinion

The world can be a crazy place. It can be cruel, mean, or just plain evil. Yet, it is what we make it. What it all comes down to is perception. If one perceives the world to be such a bad place, then it will be. Otherwise, if one views it with positivity and a big smile, then it can be a wonderful place.

Sure, there will always be challenges along the road, good or bad. It is how one deals with these challenges that defines their world.

How will you view it?