Robocop (2014) v Robocop (1987) Movie review; 1987 wins!!!!!!

Posted: April 6, 2014 in My Opinion

It is pretty sad that Hollywood is doing remakes of classic films. What have they run out of original ideas? The term for these flicks is “Reboot” not “Remake”. Oh well, depending on how the original film was perhaps the “reboot” will not be so bad. I just hope that there is no remake of “The Godfather”. Now, that would be a travesty.

Movie Dr

OK so the makers of this remake were always going to have a battle on their hands when trying to make a fresh version of an action classic, to make things easier I have compared the films in sections;

The Action –

As you would expect, the new version feels slick, sexy and smooth, but the big let down is the use of CGI, to be fair it is not over used in the 2014 version but it’s noticeable in scenes, it makes it feel and look like a cartoon in parts, in the 1987 version it felt real, the movement of the Robot and the car and action sequences are better.

Also to add, Robocop teased you with his arrival on screen and his ”BIG ASS GUN” there is no foreplay in this version, no spikes in the hand or a reveal of the face, I know you could…

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