Is Brazil’s Elite Suffering an Identity Crisis?

Posted: May 17, 2014 in My Opinion

Great article. And people here in the U.S. complain about the elites! Though you will not see elites in the U.S. saying they hate America. Quite the contrary. Probably what makes the U.S. great is the pride that its citizens take in the country.

Sure, many elites in the U.S. do thumb their noses at those who are not as well off as they are. But in America you have the chance to make something of yourself and then possibly have the chance to give those same stuck-up elites the finger back.

It is a shame that more Brazilians do not take pride in their country. My wife is Brazilian and she expresses many of the frustrations that are mentioned in this piece. So, I get the frustration part but the elites in Brazil need to look at themselves as well and not just blame the poor.

A Brazilian Operating in This Area

ellusmatsukawa “Down with this underdeveloped Brazil.” That is how jeans-wear Ellus decided to engage with the World Cup — by putting that message in a shirt. I suppose they have a lame PR response, saying it is against the bottlenecks, not against the country. Still all Brazilians who understand our stray dog syndrome know what people who wear that shirt actually mean. After all, Ellus stores are attended mostly by folks who don’t use the public healthcare system. They don’t study at state schools. And they rarely set foot into public transportation in Brazil’s main cities (although they gladly do it abroad).

So what are they frustrated about? Are they as selfless as the activists who protest with an end in sight, whatever that end is? Or do wealthy Brazilians voice their criticism out of sheer boredom?

My answer is that rich Brazilians are frustrated for being Brazilian. And they poison the tone about…

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