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This year’s game marks the last time that we will see Derek Jeter in the mid-summer classic. Jeter has given us many great moments throughout his career. He has gone 2 for 2 in his two at-bats. I know that I will miss him. He was a sure handed shortstop, heck Jeter has the gold gloves and five World Series rings to show.

Thanks for the memories Number 2.

Many people have thrown aside the All-Star Game. They think that baseball is on its last legs. Well, I do not think so. Baseball is America’s past time and will always hold that distinction.

Many people argue that the game is too slow and boring. Well, baseball requires one to pay attention. The game itself reflects life.

Life does not always move at light speed. Life is stop and go. It is hit and miss. Life is filled with thrills like hitting a grand slam and disappointments like the ball going between the legs (sorry Bill Buckner). These are among the many aspects that make baseball such a great game.

The All-Star Game marks the halfway point of the season with a few weeks before the trading deadline. It is during the second half of the season where many teams soar while others decline. This is where it gets exciting. It is a drama that repeats itself every summer going into fall.

And lest we not forget the Fall Classic which is the World Series. But that is a post for another time.

So, play ball!!!