Run in with a ghost (pepper)

Posted: September 5, 2014 in My Opinion
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Yesterday, I saw a side of my wife that I did not know before. One would think that after almost ten years of marriage you would know your partner. Then again…

To begin with I have always been a fan of spicy food. I like spreading crushed red peppers on my pasta. Nachos are just not the same without jalapeños. Sri Racha sauce in noodles is the bomb.

Well, you get the idea: I love spice.

Getting back to my wife, she was in Whole Foods seeking out Dragon Fruit (talk about irony). It was during her journey through the produce section when she found these:


She thought of me immediately. After leaving the store she called me.

“Baby, I have a treat for you.”

I was thinking of something sweet like cookies. Boy, would I be wrong on this assumption. I asked what it was and she only told me that it was a surprise.

So, upon arriving at home there was a bowl of bismanti rice with a little red hue to it.

“Is this my treat?”

My wife nodded her amusement. I proceeded to take mouthful of the rice. It had a little bite to it. Pretty good. Then that “little bit

e” got larger and larger and larger.

Then I felt my mouth was on fire!


The burn! The burn! I was literally feeling the burn. I grabbed anything to cool my mouth. Water. Ice cube. Beer. Anything!

I glanced at my wife saying “why?”

She could not control her amusement. After all our years together she wanted to see if I could handle the Ghost Pepper. All I could think of was that this was a hell of a way to find out.

Despite my burning experience, I still love the spicy stuff. But, like anything else, it should be taken in moderation and not like the deadly dose my wife put it. I am still going to put Tabasco on my wings and jalapeños on my nachos. One can not destroy a good thing.

But to all the married folks out there: watch out! Because your significant other may surprise you.

Bon appetite!!!


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