Picture that sums it up

Posted: September 19, 2014 in My Opinion
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Not to sound cliché but this picture that I saw online is “worth a thousand words” or more.


At first, it appears that someone had gutted out an iPhone. However, if you look closely enough there are guard towers, prisoners in the yard and the windows to their cells.

This photo seems like a good metaphor for what had happened to our society…

We have become slaves to technology.

Sure, having our smart phones and other gadgets are great but at what price? We are constantly bombarded by information and news which for the most part really does nothing for us except makes us depresses or paranoid.

Who needs drugs? We have allowed tech to take over our lives. Like a drug, it provides us with a good high but when the high wears off we need more of the drug to bring us up.

I guess one can say that we are all addicts. What any addict knows that they create a prison of their own with their addiction. Blocking out the rest of the world, just them and their drug. Nothing else.

So, we have all created our own prisons.


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