Americans throw out more food than plastic, paper, metal, and glass – The Washington Post

Posted: September 27, 2014 in My Opinion
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This article is quite an eye opener. Food waste had always been a problem but I had no idea that it is this big!

It is shameful that any developed country wastes so much food while much of the world still struggles to eat. Hunger is a problem in the United States (and growing).

The United Nations report states that there is enough food produced to feed the entire world’s population.

If this is so, why do so many still starve?

It could all come down to who controls the food supply. What better way to control the population of a certain area than starving people. One sees this in underdeveloped countries.

The U.S. though can also do more to feed its hungry. We provide food and aid to other countries, yet not to our own population. This should be troublesome to any American with a conscience. Makes one wonder why food has become so expensive in “this land of plenty”. This a conversation for another time.

Another interesting tidbit is that wasted food creates carbon emissions which harmful to the environment. So, any way one looks at it, food waste is not good.

The challenge is to remedy this. So, keep all this in mind the next time you throw away a half-eaten sandwich or steak. There is someone out there who would enjoy that.


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