The Cult of College Football

Posted: November 22, 2014 in My Opinion
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Florida State keeps on a going despite all of its off-field issues involving its players. The school has a weekly call-in show where not a peep is mentioned of the misbehavior of FSU players. It is amazing how some are willing to ignore bad behavior.

In all fairness, what Florida State has done on the field has been impressive. They are the defending National Champions and currently enjoy a 10-0 record. Yet, this should not excuse the bad behavior because like it or not these guys are still role models for children (especially in a football-mad state like Florida). Would any parent want their sons to be involved in sexual misconduct or domestic violence or any other type of criminal mischief?

It all comes down to priorities and sadly it seems that having a college football powerhouse is more important than anything else. Sad.


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