It is funny how a small communist country, like North Korea, can bring an American entertainment conglomerate to its knees. Seems like the mighty Sony Pictures is not so mighty after all when hackers allegedly affiliated with North Korea hacked the company’s database.

Kim Jong-un

So much for free speech. As much as Hollywood tries to put on this big front of free speech for all, it is a small act of computer hackers that brings it all tumbling down. Try picturing nerdy Pointdexter (North Korea) from Revenge of the Nerds bitch slapping Brad Pitt (Sony Pictures) and Pitt’s reaction is to run away and cry for his mommy. Yes, it is kind of like that. No offense to Brad Pitt but I am trying to make a comparison that people can imagine. Come on, Brad Pitt was voted Sexiest Man Alive a few times. Don’t know if the same can be said about Seth Rogen and James Franco.

Anyway, it is a shame that American audiences will not be allowed to see a movie which is a spoof of the North Korean leadership. If anything this will only embolden other hackers of trying to mess with the United States online.

What we are witnessing is the next line of warfare: Cyber Wars. These battles will not be raged on the ground but in the cyber sphere. Where there will be no physical deaths but leaks of personal information which can at times be just as damaging. Perhaps, there were many internal emails and memos floating around the Sony database which were not meant for public viewing. Or Sony employees naively saving passwords or other personal info on the computers.

Sadly, the damage is done and Sony blinked. Round 1 goes to the hackers. Let’s see what happens in Round 2.


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