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Never give up on your dreams

Posted: January 24, 2015 in My Opinion

Inspiration for writers…


It is funny how there are still people who think that global warming is a hoax. And the new Congress is full of these naysayers. Seriously, are they that naive or just following the directives of their corporate sponsors? In some cases it seems a little of both but mainly the latter. So, sad. Scalper buys $650 of ‘The Interview’ tickets, now wants refund

What a dolt! He thought he would cash in on the movie then North Korea, I mean, Sony pulled the plug.

The Sony hack even affected small time entrepreneurs. Now, he wants his money back? This is a perfect example of buyer beware.

“There’s a sucker born every day”
– P.T. Barnum


Posted: January 1, 2015 in My Opinion

Great story as seen by the chess pieces. Gives a whole new perspective to the game.

Epiphany in the Cacophony


I remember the time my father taught me chess. On a Sunday afternoon, I sat cross legged at the center table in the drawing room, silently watching him put the pieces in place. “This is the queen, and this is the king”, he said, holding up the pieces. My eyes widened. I reached for them, running my fingers gently along the piece, examining it closely as he set up the board.

He went on to explain the rules to me. “The aim is to protect the king at all costs” he said, showing me how the different pieces moved across the chessboard. It was the most beautiful game I’d seen. I stopped listening. All I saw was a story. A story of two kingdoms, equal in strength, competing for supremacy.

I saw a battle begin before my eyes. The pieces charged towards each other, falling by the dozen as…

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