FCC vs. Colbert

Posted: May 24, 2017 in My Opinion

Well, the FCC seems to have done right thing here. What happened to free speech? Public figures put themselves out there so they are subject to more scrutiny (or parody as is the case in this instance). It is funny how Conservatives whine about not being granted free speech. Yet, when they are in a position of power, they threaten to limit others who do not share their values. Look at how the FCC is attacking net neutrality.

Just the fact that that the FCC even considered taking action should give one pause. This gets me thinking about the movie “The People vs. Larry Flynt”. This was a case where the US Supreme Court ruled that public figures placed themselves in a position of more scrutiny and are subject to a different standard than other private citizens.

So, people in the current administration should lighten up because the more that you whine the most scorn (or parody will ensue) will ensue.

So, just grin and bare it.



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