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Obama says cyber attacks from China ‘not acceptable’ via Yahoo News Digest

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Recent, events involving cyberhacking has shown that the new stage for warfare will be in cyberspace. The news is full of stories such as this where one nation launches a cyber attack on another nation’s system.

The United States and China are just one example (of course an exchange between the world’s two largest economies is going to garner the most attention). But how many other cyber attack exchanges occur between other countries? Russia? Iran? Japan? Israel? India? Pakistan?

The list can go on and on. The world wide web is truly the New Wild West.

Technology is constantly evolving which will lead to different types of cyber attacks and viruses. If there is one thing that Edward Snowden did bring to light is that nations are always looking for new ways to take out their competition.

Sadly, it is We, the People who are caught in the crossfire most of the time. But, that is topic for another time.

Just remember folks to practice safe cyber viewing and update your antivirus software regularly.


Is Dave Mustaine of Megadeth doing drugs again? One wonders after the remarks he made at a Megadeth concert in Singapore.

He accused President Barack Obama of staging recent gun travesties in order to impose stricter gun laws. The most disturbing incident being the Sikh temple massacre in Wisconsin perpetrated by a white supremacist.

It is one thing to not like a sitting president and their policies. But to accuse him of orchestrating such hateful violence?

Makes perfect sense: an African-American hiring a white supremacist to kill South Asians. NOT!!!

Mustaine’s conspiracy theory has garnered a lot of attention which has probably helped with record sales for his band.

It is interesting that he chose a foreign country to make his rant. Why? Too afraid to speak your mind on American soil?

This post is not an endorsement of Barack Obama or more gun control. It is just pointing out the odd ranting of a musician.

Celebrities are the last people one should listen to for political advice. Do you really care who Kim Kardashian or George Clooney votes for president?

I certainly do not!

Mustaine deserves credit for describing Sikh people for being “beautiful” since they are. Other than that, just tune out the rest of what he said.

Romney wins the Illinois primary easily. As part of this, he gave the usual victory speech. So, why am I not excited?

Well, for starters, I am happily independent. No political affiliations for this guy. There is no way that I can identify with either party. There really is no difference between them. Just look at the members of Congress.

Politicians in Washington listen to their corporate masters, not you. Who works for who here? The people in Congress are supposed to work for the American people not the other way around.