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Obama says cyber attacks from China ‘not acceptable’ via Yahoo News Digest

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Recent, events involving cyberhacking has shown that the new stage for warfare will be in cyberspace. The news is full of stories such as this where one nation launches a cyber attack on another nation’s system.

The United States and China are just one example (of course an exchange between the world’s two largest economies is going to garner the most attention). But how many other cyber attack exchanges occur between other countries? Russia? Iran? Japan? Israel? India? Pakistan?

The list can go on and on. The world wide web is truly the New Wild West.

Technology is constantly evolving which will lead to different types of cyber attacks and viruses. If there is one thing that Edward Snowden did bring to light is that nations are always looking for new ways to take out their competition.

Sadly, it is We, the People who are caught in the crossfire most of the time. But, that is topic for another time.

Just remember folks to practice safe cyber viewing and update your antivirus software regularly.


We all know about the hype surrounding “The Interview” and small cyber battle which ensued between North Korea and the United States. It was not much of a battle considering North Korea attacked Sony Entertainment’s database while the U.S. did one better… We shut down the internet in North Korea.


So, when it was apparent that no more “personal” emails or other data about Sony was going to come out (at least for now) it decides to release the movie in small theaters and to be viewed on Netflix and YouTube.

Sweet, now we can watch it without having to go to the theater or wait for OnDemand. We have Apple TV which allows for the viewing of YouTube videos on your television.

So, my wife pays the $5.99 to view the movie through her iPhone. Download successful. Then when we try to view it through the Apple TV… Nothing!


We tried and tried to view it through Apple TV and still nothing. Was this a conspiracy hatched between Sony, Apple, Netflix, or something more perhaps.

Has my family been dragged into this cyber war?

Seriously though maybe our home entertainment setup just sucks. It is ridiculous to get so worked up about a movie that may not be good (never know until it is seen).

I am just venting my frustration with technology at the moment. Perhaps, it is high time to go out and do something instead of suiting down and watching television. It is a lot healthier in the long run.
This article is quite an eye opener. Food waste had always been a problem but I had no idea that it is this big!

It is shameful that any developed country wastes so much food while much of the world still struggles to eat. Hunger is a problem in the United States (and growing).

The United Nations report states that there is enough food produced to feed the entire world’s population.

If this is so, why do so many still starve?

It could all come down to who controls the food supply. What better way to control the population of a certain area than starving people. One sees this in underdeveloped countries.

The U.S. though can also do more to feed its hungry. We provide food and aid to other countries, yet not to our own population. This should be troublesome to any American with a conscience. Makes one wonder why food has become so expensive in “this land of plenty”. This a conversation for another time.

Another interesting tidbit is that wasted food creates carbon emissions which harmful to the environment. So, any way one looks at it, food waste is not good.

The challenge is to remedy this. So, keep all this in mind the next time you throw away a half-eaten sandwich or steak. There is someone out there who would enjoy that.

Now the looney tunes are really coming out this election cycle. In Missouri, Republican Senate hopeful, Todd Akin, stated that a “legitimate rape” rarely results in pregnancy. Is this guy serious?

It is one thing to be pro-life in the right to life debate, but do not make such a ridiculous assessment of whether a woman being raped is legitimate or not. Seriously, are there really people out there who do this?

Well according to Akin, there are doctors who make this judgement call. Quite frankly, I find this assessment to be far-fetched as well. Akin wants to represent the people of his state in the United States Senate. So if you want to be take seriously you should not make any evaluations of rape.

I can not imagine anything as being more horrible than being raped. Victims of this horrible crime seem to be scarred for life and experience major trust issues. So, Mr. Akin has give his opponent another weapon to add to their arsenal in this particular Senate race. How can he even face women voters after such a ridiculous statement?

Either, Mr. Akin is either over-the-top pro-life or just plain stupid. My money is on the latter.