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There was an article in The Boston Globe today about a 21 year-old kid who killed two passengers in his car while he DUI. This is a tragedy since the two victims were both high school students.

What makes this maddening is that this was not the first time this guy had been charged with drunk driving. So, any logical person would think that his license would be revoked. But in Massachusetts you can get your license back if you take a class on safe driving and pass a test. Come on now!

The article made this person out to be the victim. Newsflash: he was not! His irresponsible behavior resulted in death.

There was a large turn out at his hearing of his friends and family. It is important to have as much support in a situation as this as possible. However, do not make excuses for bad behavior which one his relatives did by stating that the suspect “must have been coerced” into driving.


What if were a gun? What if were a needle?

When will people take responsibility? This country has turned into a place of victims. No matter how irresponsible one is, they are still a victim.

Well what about those two young ladies who perished? They are the real victims here not someone who showed extremely poor judgement in their actions.

That is why this whole incident was ridiculous and could have been avoided.


Easter Sunday

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Op-Ed
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Happy Easter, everybody! That day of the year that we celebrate egg-laying bunnies. Some even celebrate some guy rising from the dead some 2,000 years ago.

So, Easter has more than one meaning. For me, it is another Sunday to kick back and relax. I stopped chasing egg-laying bunnies years ago and the dead guy… I nixed him as well.

I am not disrespecting anyone else from their Easter celebration. Children enjoy Easter egg painting and chocolate (this was my favorite). I think this is wonderful because kids deserve to have some fun memories before they become adults.

One day perhaps my feelings towards Easter will change. Until then I will enjoy my Sunday off.

R.I.P. George Carlin

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Op-Ed

Yes, he did die almost three years ago but George Carlin’s comedy and message still resonates. I was a long time fan of his going back many years. The father of one of my best friend’s growing up had an extensive collection of George Carlin concerts on vinyl! This was funny considering that his dad went to church every Sunday and did not appear to be the kind of Carlin devotee one would expect.

I got to thinking about George again when my wife found some of his standup bits on Youtube. It was certainly a treat to see all of his great work. What was best about the man was all of the topics that he covered whether it be mundane or today’s political atmosphere. Love him or hate him, he was what he was and if you did not like…


George Carlin espoused many of the sentiments that most people are too afraid to bring up themselves. One of the topics that he spoke about was how normal everyday Americans are getting screwed by a government that does not care about them and how “the game is fixed and that the real ‘owners’ of the country do not want you in their club” [sic].

People should take a page out his book and not be so duped by the government or what they see on television because let’s face it someone does own those stations and those “owners” do have an agenda. “Fair & Balanced” my ass.

We need to be independent thinkers and come up with our own opinions. Do not be told what to think by your local politicians or preachers because they do not know you or your circumstances, they never will in most cases. People need to be free and not be afraid to question.

George Carlin questioned everything, why not you?

He may not be on stage anymore but sites like Youtube and his books (Brain Droppings and Napalm & Silly Putty) keep his spirit alive to challenge what you think or believe. If we believe in free will then maybe we should all actually follow this and be duped into believing that buying the latest fashion or consuming booze or alcohol will solve or problems. They don’t!

When we become free thinkers and start to let the powers-that-be know that we know we are getting screwed, then perhaps they will start to listen. Unfortunately, this has not happened (sorry, Tea Baggers).

So, thanks again George Carlin for resurrecting this thinker and also for the laughs.