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Just when you thought that things could not get more bizarre for athletes this comes out. Phil Mickelson is under investigation by the Feds for insider trading. This really stinks since Phil has always gave off the impression of being one of the “good guys” in sports.

Yet, his name is being dragged around for possible insider trading. Let’s be clear that this all preliminary at the moment but still one hates see someone who has done a lot of good things have their name mentioned in a felony.

Phil has been a role model for many and hopefully this does not sully the public’s perception of him (at least I hope not).


Einstein was the man on so many levels. The Double Slit experiment is quite an eye opener. Is “reality” really “reality” or a figment of the imagination? Makes one think.

Memorial Day

Posted: May 26, 2014 in My Opinion
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Today is the day that we remember our fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for the great country of ours. It is on this day that we need to say “Thank you”.

God bless America.Image

Good post about the elements of a good/bad story. Some times readers are taken in by the cover of a book only to find out that the story overall was not that good. Well done post.

Thoreau is the man…

Posted: May 21, 2014 in My Opinion
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Honestly, I did not get much into Thoreau during my school years. To be quite honest, I never had an English class in school they talked much about him. All that I knew of the man was that he lived at Walden Pond for a time and wrote a book about his experiences.

Well, I have seen more of his insights here and there and must admit they are very enlightening. Here is one that sticks out for me the most:

“If one advances confidently in the direction of their dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined , he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

Pretty cool stuff. How many of us have forgotten how to dream? How has life gotten in the way of things? Why did we forget how to dream?

These are important questions especially when one is trying to find meaning in their life. Too many times, we let things happen to us and not make things happen.

This is the point Thoreau was trying to get at. If we follow our dreams, we will then get a feeling of accomplishment. We feel more like who we are at our core or soul. It is important that we remember who we are.

We should live out our dreams and not live out the dreams of others. Because if we forget about our own dreams then we are destined to live out someone else’s dream. This causes much unhappiness and resentment. We must be responsible for our own actions and not be afraid to take chances or risks to live out our dreams.

For as Thoreau points out that if we follow our dreams then we will have truly lived.

Looking West From My Rooftop

Posted: May 19, 2014 in My Opinion

Nice shot of the Manhattan skyline.

Great article. And people here in the U.S. complain about the elites! Though you will not see elites in the U.S. saying they hate America. Quite the contrary. Probably what makes the U.S. great is the pride that its citizens take in the country.

Sure, many elites in the U.S. do thumb their noses at those who are not as well off as they are. But in America you have the chance to make something of yourself and then possibly have the chance to give those same stuck-up elites the finger back.

It is a shame that more Brazilians do not take pride in their country. My wife is Brazilian and she expresses many of the frustrations that are mentioned in this piece. So, I get the frustration part but the elites in Brazil need to look at themselves as well and not just blame the poor.

A Brazilian Operating in This Area

ellusmatsukawa “Down with this underdeveloped Brazil.” That is how jeans-wear Ellus decided to engage with the World Cup — by putting that message in a shirt. I suppose they have a lame PR response, saying it is against the bottlenecks, not against the country. Still all Brazilians who understand our stray dog syndrome know what people who wear that shirt actually mean. After all, Ellus stores are attended mostly by folks who don’t use the public healthcare system. They don’t study at state schools. And they rarely set foot into public transportation in Brazil’s main cities (although they gladly do it abroad).

So what are they frustrated about? Are they as selfless as the activists who protest with an end in sight, whatever that end is? Or do wealthy Brazilians voice their criticism out of sheer boredom?

My answer is that rich Brazilians are frustrated for being Brazilian. And they poison the tone about…

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