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One can not tell what the future may hold, especially in this hyper speed linked in world that we all live in. Life can change in an instant. You can be making plans to do something but then a new opportunity or challenge will rear its head.

The big question is “how will you handle it?”

Many people do not like change. The chief reason for this is that it takes one out of their comfort zone. They are content with what they have and that is that.

Well, what if a new challenge comes along? Do you dread it? How will it change your life?

“This will ruin everything!” one may think.

So, should one just lay back and let things happen?


One can look at this as an opportunity to improve their lives. Can this situation be turned around for the better? This, of course, depends on how one looks at the situation. The best thing to do is to turn a negative into a positive. One can not know whether this challenge may lead into something wonderful to completely change their lives.

It all comes down to one’s thinking. Will it be addressed in the positive or the negative? Well, it has been said that a positive thought is more powerful than a negative one. And we all know what negativity results in.

It is not easy to always be positive but the results are much better this way. So, let us face life with a smile and open heart because the results will be much better. Having this attitude will allow one to face any change that may come.


It is amazing how much time people now waste on social media. Yes, sure we all want to keep up with family, friends, and the events of the world. But the question is at what cost?

We become distracted by what is going on in other peoples lives and forget about our own. There are those that follow the latest Tweets about their favorite celebrities but do not pay attention to their own lives.

Social media causes distraction and keeps folks from paying attention to what they are doing at that moment.

People are glued their computers or smart phones trying to keep up with everything that is going on in the world. Yet, why do they not go out and speak to another person fae-to-face?

I can recall a time when computers did not dominate the landscape never mind Facebook or Twitter. It was a simpler time compared to now. A time when people would actually go out and meet each other of pick up the telephone for a live conversation.

There was no texting or tweeting.

This causes a vacuum where people spend so much time on their devices and not with others. It is as if computers/smart phones have become the new drug of choice.

Could “Brave New World” be far behind?

This is how I would describe the scene of my wife and daughter laying beside me on our bed. Our daughter, Bianca, is two weeks old and has been an amazing joy for us. Andrea and I had been trying to have a baby for some time now. After numerous attempts and disappointments, our prayers had been answered.

We had our little girl.

Since bringing her home, we have been having newborn moments. In the end though, it is all about adjustments. The biggest adjustment for us was that it was no longer just Andrea and me but now it is Andrea, me, and Bianca!

Like anything else in life, change can be challenging yet also have the greatest rewards. Bianca has only been with us for two weeks now but I would never exchange anything for those moments that I have spent with my daughter.

Importantly, I love my wife more on a whole new level. Seeing her with Bianca fills me with such joy and warms my heart. I do not know where I would be without Andrea.

What inspired me to write this post was one of those “newborn” moments that I mentioned. Bianca was a little cranky after eating. I laid her next to Andrea on the bed and then she started to sing to Bianca. This seemed to quiet her for a little bit, then she started to be a little cranky.

“Help!” Andrea said to me.

Then, I went to the other room and pulled out one of my favorite children’s stories “Corduroy”. This was the story about the teddy bear, Corduroy, who lived in a department store waiting to be bought by someone to love him which did eventually happened.

I then started to read to Bianca and Andrea. The book itself is not very long (which children’s book is?). Yet, one thing I noticed was Bianca’s crying started to subside and by the time I had finished reading the book my two angels were asleep.

Bianca laid peacefully in the arms of her mother. There is no more beautiful a sight than to see mother and daughter laying lovingly together.

And that is a beautiful sight.